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A Vehicle for Every Application

Polaris Work & Transportation are a manufacturer of specialised utility vehicles capable of servicing any requirement in and around the airport.

Polaris W&T consists of several brands of utility vehicles both with electric and diesel power trains to boast a comprehensive range that capable of performing any task. These brands include Goupil, GEM, Brutus and MEGA.

The Goupil range (G1, G3 and G5) can be configured for any number of airport applications from baggage handling to cleaning and can be supplied as road going or dedicated airport/terminal vehicles. These zero emission electric vehicles have a range of up to 100km and payload capacity of up to 1000kg. Also available with Lithium batteries.

The zero emission electric GEM range is economical and spacious. The e2, e4 and e6 are designed to transport up to 6 people safely and quickly around the airport. Available with Lithium batteries and as a road legal variant the GEM has a range of up to 150km.

The eM1400 has been designed as the work horse in the GEM range. With a payload of up to 635kg, it is ideal for transporting cargo and equipment around the airport. With low operation costs and a quiet, smooth ride, the eM1400 is a valuable asset to airport operations.

The Brutus is an all in one diesel utility vehicle designed to cope with some of the heavier tasks that need to be undertaken around the airport. Available in three different variants that can be configured with optional front end attachments that will sweep, mow, blow, lift, plough, grab and scoop away those time consuming inconveniences.

The zero emission electric MEGA e-Worker provides a range of up to 110km and as a road legal vehicle can be used for landside as well as airside applications.

Where greater distances are required and with a KUBOTA diesel engine, the road legal MEGA D-Truck has a range of 500km and a top speed of 75kph.

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